About Us

The San Joaquin River Stewardship Program (SJRSP) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation formed by citizens concerned about the future of the San Joaquin River and California Water Resources.

Mission Statement

The San Joaquin River Stewardship Program provides recreation, education, and stewardship programs that connect citizens with the San Joaquin River, promote water safety, health and fitness, and environmental stewardship, and teach the importance of water resources for California's future.

Vision Statement for the San Joaquin River

We envision a river:
  • providing a clean and reliable water supply to Californians;
  • whose shores and flood plains are characterized by native vegetation;
  • that provides valuable habitat and food sources for fish and wildlife;
  • that supports healthy fisheries;
  • managed by sound science with the goal of meeting the needs of agriculture, the   environment and municipalities;
  • understood by citizens to be a valuable resource;
  • providing recreational and educational opportunities for citizens;
  • inspiring citizens to be involved in programs that contribute to its protection and conservation.

Vision Statement for Communities

We envision communities:
  • understanding the importance of the San Joaquin River for their past, present and future prosperity;
  • seeing the San Joaquin River as source of urban vitality, as an amenity that can provide recreation for citizens, attract visitors, and create new enterprises and jobs;
  • recognizing the importance of the San Joaquin River for diverse cultural communities;
  • investing time and resources in the protection and conservation of the San Joaquin River.

Vision Statement for our Organization

We envision an organization:
  • that is influential in protecting and conserving the San Joaquin River;
  • developing strategic partnerships with non-profits, governmental agencies, businesses and other stakeholders with similar missions;
  • that recruits, trains, and empowers volunteers to  assist and lead programs and projects;
  • producing measurable results in river education, recreation, and stewardship programs;
  • possessing long term sustainability by effective fundraising and financing strategies;
  • that has professional staff that can effectively carry out its strategic plan:
  • engaging stakeholders through relationship building, dialogue, education and consensus building;
  • which utilizes sound science to guide environmental decisions and actions;
  • that recognizes its accountability to stakeholders and strives to be transparent and honor all commitments.