Why Choose Us?

The Stewardship Program is a leader in providing San Joaquin River recreation, education, and stewardship programs. Every year we involve 1000’s of participants in outdoor education field trips, paddlesport instructional programs and river trips, and stewardship projects. Our staff includes credentialed teachers, experienced natural resource docents, and certified paddlesport instructors. Our events are not only fun but educational and safe!

Paddle Instruction

The Stewardship Program is recognized as an Aquatic Center by the State of California Department of Boating and Waterways. We provide water safety and paddlesport instructional classes that prepare participants to paddle safely and effectively. Our paddlesport staff receives extensive training in first aid and CPR and are certified  United States Canoe Association Instructors.

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The Stewardship Program is your best choice for San Joaquin River paddlesport programs. We take great care in planning all of our events to make sure they are well organized, start and finish on time, and provide an enjoyable experience. Our river guides and instructors paddle the San Joaquin River in Fresno more than any other group.  They are eager to share their knowledge and love for the river with you.

We use only the best equipment. This includes Jackson Kayaks and Paddle Boards, coast guard approved life jackets, safety whistles, and helmets. Our guides and instructors are equipped with wireless radios, tow ropes and throw ropes, cell phones, and complete first aid kits.

 River Kids

The Stewardship Program is committed to environmental leadership. All of our events include interpretation. Participants learn about the unique San Joaquin River ecosystem, river restoration, and its importance for California Water Resources. We also perform regular large scale river cleanups.

 Trash Cleanup

The Stewardship Program is confident your river experience with us will exceed all expectations. We provide the best  San Joaquin River recreation, education, and stewardship programs available. Contact us today to plan your San Joaquin River adventure!

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