The San Joaquin River is a valuable natural resource with many beneficial uses.  The Stewardship Program works with individuals, schools, groups and organizations to monitor and improve the natural habitat of the river. Volunteers may participate in a wide variety of programs.

Stewardship Programs

The Clean Water Team monitors the health of the San Joaquin River and Cottonwood Creek by performing water quality tests, collecting and studying aquatic insects, and making visual observations of river and stream conditions and habitat.

River Cleanup activities are held throughout the year.  Volunteers collect trash and debris from the channel and shores of the San Joaquin and perform trash surveys.  River Cleanup with canoes is one of the most popular volunteer activities.

The Native Plant Nursery propagates and grows native plants for planting along the river.  Volunteers can assist with potting and propagation.

Environmental Restoration seeks to improve San Joaquin River habitat by recreating natural ecosystems.  Volunteers remove invasive plants and plant native trees, shrubs and grasses that will benefit wildlife and create riparian buffer zones of vegetation.

Seasons of Service 2014

Get involved with the San Joaquin River and plan your year of service.  The Stewardship Program has activities for every season.  You can participate in river cleanup projects, plant trees at Cottonwood Creek, propagate plants in the native plant nursery, be a docent for school programs and assist with canoe and kayak instruction, trips and races. Energize your school or youth group for Service-Learning.  Invite your family, friends or co-workers and plan a community service project. Working together we can make a valuable contribution to the San Joaquin River! Click here for the Group Event Application.

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